Equipping you to find renewal and inspiration through elevated pop-up yoga experiences.

Undone is a yoga offering inspired by the real world. We use yoga, meditation, and breathwork as catalysts for inspiration. And we curate elevated pop-up yoga experiences, with the impact of stress and burnout in mind, to move you beyond mental and physical walls. When you flow with us, we’ll help you take a step back and equip you with tools to incorporate a more mindful approach to your day-to-day.
We’re so much more than just yoga.
We’re about renewal of the mind and body.

Undone is your new go-to for pop-up yoga and meditation.

about undone

Collaborate with us on a 30, 45 or 60-minute vinyasa yoga flow designed with yogis of all levels in mind. Together, we’ll create a unique experience, in a location inspired by your organization, that can’t be replicated.


Christina W.

It’s so nice to be able to go back to one of the quick videos on IG. The calendar of events is spread out enough that a busy, working mom of 3, like myself, can choose if I want to practice after bedtime via IG, live with one of her partnerships, or IRL with an event she’s hosting.”

Undone has helped me navigate balance in work/life stress.