Paige here - the founder of Undone, a pop-up yoga and meditation experience for mind-body regeneration. I combine my skills as an athlete, writer, musician and certified yoga instructor to help you find a sense of renewal that sticks. I’ve collaborated with partners in the corporate, non-profit, travel, hospitality, fitness and wellness industries to create events that break the monotony of your routine and equip you with tools for relief. Years of training and research have led me here. I’ve learned how to use mindfulness and movement to release stress and unlock my most authentic, resilient self.  And I want the same for you. 

Paige Willis / Founder, Yoga Instructor 

Move beyond burnout and into mind-body renewal. 

Break the monotony of your routine and find relief through yoga and meditation.


Anastasia H.

“By the end of class you’ll feel like she’s your friend and that you can come to her with any questions or concerns. Paige is hands down my favorite yogiana, and I make it a point to attend as many of her pop-up classes as I can.”