relief is closer than you think. 

Paige here – founder of Undone, a pop-up yoga offering designed to move you beyond burnout.

Call on us if you need a voice in the wellness industry to provide practical insight on using mindfulness and movement to release stress, find renewal and impact the world.  

Speaking Engagements

Make space to ground, release and explore. Our wellness workshops combine movement and education to provide a more in-depth, interactive environment for your organization to unpack a theme or topic that yields restoration.

Wellness Workshops

Better morale yields better results. Make space for connection and creativity with a 45 or 60-minute private event for your employees. We’ll work together to assess and address what your employees want most for their wellness routine and serve up an experience that leaves them feeling seen.

Corporate & Private Events 

Collaborate with us on a 30, 45 or 60-minute vinyasa yoga flow designed with yogis of all levels in mind. Together, we’ll create a unique experience, in a location inspired by your organization, that can’t be replicated.

Pop-up Yoga Classes 

Anastasia H.

After one class with Paige my whole perception of yoga changed. 

As a former Division 1 athlete, yoga was never part of my day to day workout regimen. I would often feel uncomfortable and unsure if I was ‘doing it right.’ However, after one class with Paige my whole perception of yoga changed. She makes me feel comfortable with her soothing voice, and confident that my body knows what it needs – I just have to show up on the mat. By the end of class you’ll feel like she’s your friend and that you can come to her with any questions or concerns. Paige is hands down my favorite yogiana, and I make it a point to attend as many of her pop-up classes as I can.”