The story behind Undone

August 17, 2022

Featured photo captured by Lily P. McLaughlin.
Words written by Paige Willis.

I filed the paperwork for Undone in my parents’ house, also lovingly called my vacation home, while on the phone with my best friend in May 2020. The moment came after years of strong tugs on my spirit to curate spaces where people could feel at ease and be inspired. At the time, I had nothing but a name, Undone, and a loose grasp on how I wanted to make people feel – seen, celebrated, inspired. But after months of reflection and prayer, the vision became clearer. 

“If all of your dreams came true, would they just change you or would they change the world? Dream bigger loved ones, bigger and wider and deeper and further.” -Cleo Wade

I launched Undone to my community in September 2020 via a rooftop yoga class called Breathe & Flow at Ace Hotel in Chicago. But the launch was shortly followed by intense amounts of stress and anxiety, coupled with the numbing weight of the world’s news cycle.

I took a sabbatical from my corporate job and used that time to create a toolbox of wellness practices that put me back into alignment with who God created me to be, aka a more at ease and authentic version of myself. During that time, I reaffirmed my commitment to Undone’s vision, “Heal the self, heal the world.” A phrase I hold really close to my heart as a reminder to continue my own healing journey so that I can have the creativity and capacity to inspire yours. 

As I grow and heal, I want you to too. And I hope the resources we share as a community leave a beauty mark on the world.

The Spotify playlist from Undone’s first pop-up yoga class at Ace Hotel in 2020.